Film Theory, a Rebuttal

For this second post on this blog, I have decided to take a look at a recent theory that has started to gain traction thanks to the YouTube channel “The Film Theorists”; particularly one by Matthew Patrick, aka MatPat from “GameTheory”, from late last year.  Please note that this post is partially because of the recent announcement of Disney doing a live action remake of Snow White, and because Valentine’s Day is coming up.

What REALLY Saved Snow White!

At the start of the video, I will give MatPat some kudos for delving into the history of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the film that started it all for Disney (without it, we wouldn’t have many of the animated films that have become popular these days, nor would we have the folks at Pixar), including the honorary Oscar that was presented to Walt by Shirley Temple

That’s just so sweet

But then, MatPat starts to pick apart the film, notably with how “more intense it is,” and how there are unanswered questions.

The first he lists is the glass coffin.  He asks why the dwarfs just so “happen” to have a glass coffin lying around.  He immediately assumes that the dwarfs have some sort of operation going on where they moonlight as gravediggers.  Allow me to shed some light on the situation.

The film explains that since the Dwarfs saw the young princess to be so beautiful even in death, they couldn’t bring themselves to bury her, and so made the glass coffin.

Then he picks apart the fact that the Prince that kisses her is the exact same one who appeared at the beginning of the film, and that his first instinct is to kiss her, despite the non-existant “corpse germs”.  Well there is are a few answers to this:

  1. In the original script for the film, as referenced by KenNetti, a Finnish Snow White fansite, the prince was to be captured by the queen’s guards and locked away in the dungeon when he proclaims that Snow White is indeed the most beautiful maiden in the land.  The queen would have then put the prince in a water trap after he had been chained up.  But lucky for him, the dove that transferred Snow White’s initial kiss to him was there to rescue him.  This would have then led to a Douglas Fairbanks-inspired sequence (Fairbanks was a popular actor at the time of the film’s release) where the Prince was to evade the guards and make his way to the forest, hearing the rumors of the princess in the glass coffin.
  2. See the above statement of the rumors about the glass coffin.
  3. The Lux Radio Theater production (authorized by Disney) has the prince ask the dwarfs why they are mourning, to which Doc reveals “Snow White is dead, and there she lies…”  To which the Prince gives Snow White’s comatose body a parting kiss, having encountered her and learned her name at the start of the story.

But what really gets him, and the meat of his theory, is the composition of this beaut:

This would definately not make a good appletini or caramel apple.

MatPat goes into questioning if it is at all possible to weaponize such a poison fruit, using the facts that Snow White takes a single bite out of it and says that she feels strange before collapsing into her death-like sleep.

Ignoring all the poisons that he considered and then threw out (cyanide, voodoo), but I will say that in rebuttal of the lack of scientific equipment as he suggests, how do you explain this?

You’re not going to find crystal meth here

Bear in mind, alchemy was just a primitive form of chemistry, so to say that this isn’t scientific is wrong.

And then he brings up his candidate for the poison:

Sorry, it was just too good to pass up

After giving the symptons of ingesting Deadly Nightshade, MatPat brings out his biggest evidence that accidentally throws everything out the window:  ABC’S Once Upon a Time.






A big rule when dealing with theories based on the animated canon: always stay in the canon.  The effects of the Sleeping Death in the animated canon are different than in OUaT, since the show is a reimagining of that canon in the style of LOST.  So those vivid nightmares are only canon in OUaT.

So now that I have essentially debunked this via proxy, what is in the Sleeping Death?

Let’s turn to Disney Interactive for our information:


This screenshot is from Disney’s 1999 2-disc CD Rom Villains’ Revenge.  There is one segment in the game where you need to restore the happy ending to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by mixing potions.  The one I have presented is for the Sleeping Death, which presents the following ingredients:

  • Morpheus Cream
  • Sting of Scorpion
  • The Black of Night
  • Cactus Juice
  • Thunderbolt
  • a green apple

It looks like we have our possible candidates for the poison in the sleeping death.  Now recall what is in the stinger of a scorpion: a highly potent venom.  Given that the story is set in Germany, it is possible that the queen might have gotten hers from an Oriental trader.  And you readers are probably wondering who Morpheus is:

as depicted in Hercules

Morpheus is the Greek God of Dreams and the son of the titan Hypnos, the personification of sleep.

So it was the venom of a scorpion that helped put her in the sleeping-death (represented by the Black of Night).  The catcus juice was just there to help seep the ingredients while the thunderbolt was the mixer.

And with this out of the way, that means that MatPat’s bit about activated carbon (aka coal from the dwarfs’ mine and their dirty hands) has been busted.  Again I turn to how Villains’ Revenge explains it:


This time I am presenting “The Potion to Make Someone’s True Love” which is made of the following:

  • Rose petals
  • Sunstar
  • A Blast of Wind
  • Thunderbolt
  • Eros Elixir
  • one of the poisoned apples

Now recall my bit about alchemy being a primitive form of science.  This would mean that through alchemical means, true love is the antidote for the sleeping death.  Many modern antidotes often use the source as a means of reverse engineering a poison or disease.  And just as a reminder as to who Eros is:

To quote Piglet here, as he is being blown about: I am Cupid, bringer of love

I can just see his smug face looking like this upon him reading this post:

But hey, that’s just a theory, A FILM THEORY!

No MatPat, it’s your attempt at covering your tail like in many of your incredibly polarizing theories about Nintendo on your main channel.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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FilmTheory belongs to MatPat

Snow White, Hercules, Once Upon A Time, Winnie the Pooh, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Villains’ Revenge belong to Disney

Pooh belongs to the estate of AA Milne

The Nightmare Before Christmas belongs to Tim Burton


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